I was born in Vitória - Espírito Santo, Brazil, and have been working in the
performing arts since my childhood.

Working as an actor, choreographer, dancer, mime and acrobatic artist, I have 
appeared in theatre, musicals, ballets, operas, children’s theatre, circus and 
experimental pieces. 

I strive for naturalness, profoundness, generosity and truth in each of the roles 
I develop. 

Besides Portuguese, I'm fluent in English, French, Dutch and Spanish, get by 
in Italian and have a little bit of Russian. 

I have been directed by, among others, Augusto Boal, Antônio Abujamra, 
William Pereira, Bob Wilson, Dario Fo, Peter Greenaway, Peter Stein, Lev Dodin, Robert Carsen, Willy Decker, Richard Jones, Laurent Pelly, Andreas Homoki, 
Pierre Audi, Damiano Michieletto, William Kentridge and Romeo Castellucci. 

Since arriving in Amsterdam in 1990, I've added urban dance as a new medium of 
expression to my repertoire. Since then I have regularly taken classes in Hip Hop, 
Streetdance, Breakdance, Locking, Hype and Popping with the most important 
names, mainly in London, Paris and New York. 

I  choreograph for dance companies, circuses, videoclips, events, school shows and
fashion events. 

My work has taken me to Mongolia, Korea, Japan, China, England, France, Belgium,
Spain, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Romania, 
Austria, Bulgaria, Turkey, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Italy,
United States and Uruguay. 

Good humour, teaching methods, technique and positive energy make my workshops a wonderful, unmissible and unforgettable experience for all those who like urban dance, mime and physical theatre. 

I care a lot about discipline, dedication, competency and availability in all kinds of work I get involved in.