HIP HOP old school

Hip Hop is the name of a cultural movement which was born in New York at the end of the 60’s and has grown worldwide. The workshop I propose is Hip Hop as dance. Along the years new styles of urban dance have appeared, (New Jack, Breakdance, Streetdance, Hype, Funk, Popping, Locking, Smurfing, Electric Boogie, Bougaloo, Krumping, etc), and many of them became part of the story of the 
Hip Hop.  Hip Hop improves physical coordination, rhythm, memory, self esteem and self confidence.

The focus of my classes is much on the Hype style, but I teach as well American Locking, Popping, Streetdance and initiation to Breakdance. I offer workshops in three different formats, always given in five consecutive days:

1 -  Workshop with 1 hour class per day, (5 x 1) - 5 hours

2 - Workshop with 1, 5 hour class per day, (5 x 1.5) - 7.5 hours

3 - Workshop with 2 hours class per day, (5 x 2) - 10 hours

Target Group

The target public are people interested in dance in general, dancers, actors and teachers in any physical activity. Classes by the open air as event, classes for children (from 8 years old), classes for schools or enterprises are also possible.

Technical Requirements

Studio with mirrors, wooden floor
CD player and/or mp3 player + P.A.